Monday, March 22, 2010

Lost Momentum

I think we've lost some of our momentum since we found our we wont be taking most of these seedlings with us. Which is sad since we were both so excited to be on this adventure together.

As we search for our new house, gardening is something we're keeping in mind. We definitely want to garden and would prefer not to containerize everything.

Our tomato seedlings are looking good as well as most of the peppers. The basil, cilantro and chives are doing well. There is one little rosemary plant, he looks so lonely at the edge of his pot, like he's seeking companionship. Yes, I actually feel bad for the little guy. The dill, mammoth or not, did not fare well and died just as soon as the lids were removed.

It has been a learning experience and hopefully we'll be able to get more into it in a few months.

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